Traffic's core services include:
 Production - We produce content in video, print and multimedia formats.
 Production Facilities - Create live or post produced content or as part of your production process.
 Delivery Services - Use our customised solutions to reach any number of sites by live IP streaming, IP multicast; or Digital Video Broadcast (DVB).

Our delivery services can be broadcast live directly from Traffic's studios or pre-packaged and played out as required.

Support services include:
  • Media Management - Traffic offers storage and media management for your media assets as well as play list management (EPG's) and reporting services.
  • Site Management - We can provide you a comprehensive installation management package. This includes procurement of equipment and software as well as installation, support, maintenance and call centre assistance.
  • Content Licensing - We have schooling and health educational content available to us from Mindset Network in the forms of video, print and multimedia, which could provide a valuable addition to your channel.
  • Integration and consultancy services - We have experience and expertise in customising a communications package that will integrate with an existing IT or video infrastructure. We also provide research and development skills should you require software or hardware beta testing.